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Should I Get My Thyroid Checked Out?

What is the thyroid? The thyroid is a tiny gland at the base of the neck that has an incredible amount of control over many of the body’s functions. The thyroid is critical in regulating hormones that affect everything from metabolism to body temperature to heart rate. When the thyroid is functioning as normal, we […]

3 Ways to Get Care for Chronic Fatigue

We all experience seasons of our lives that are marked by fatigue and exhaustion. But for people with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), sleep deprivation and difficulty with thinking and concentrating isn’t just a phase that lasts a couple weeks or months. Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness that can have serious effects on many of […]

5 Great Places to Grab a Healthy Meal In Nashville

Summer is winding down and our attention is being pulled back in the direction of work and school. Shopping, errands, and busyness begin to take over our routines… leaving little time for meal prep and healthy eating. It’s easy to just order that pizza or pop a frozen meal into the microwave, right?! When we […]

What Happens In a Metro Nashville Sports Physical Exam?

Can you believe summer vacation is already over? It’s back to school for kids throughout metro Nashville. As you check off back-to-school supplies and clothes, have you remembered those sports physicals? Completion of Metro’s “Preparticipation Physical Evaluation” form is required for any students wishing to participate in school sports. The examination and form, which Metro […]

What’s Covered In a Well-Woman Visit?

Did you know that your health insurance plan covers you for one completely free wellness exam per year? According to healthcare.gov, a well-woman visit can include 16 specific preventive services for women and another 12 preventive services for pregnant women or women who may become pregnant… things like shots, disease screening, education and counseling. It’s […]

Nashville Allergies Are Here! 3 Ways to Fight Back!

Argh… ….humph!! “Uggh… why, Nashville?” No, it’s not the traffic at this time of year that has Nashvillians grumbling. (Okay, who are we kidding? It’s always the traffic.) It’s that special time of the year when pollen is out in full force and allergies are taking over our sinuses. When allergies have got a hold […]

Do You Know the RIGHT Way to Use Sunscreen?

Squeeze it, smear it, and go? Turns out, there’s a little more to proper sunscreen use, says the American Academy of Dermatology. As we get into some of Nashville’s hottest temperatures, a quick refresh of proper sunscreen use can help you and your family stay safe while outside. Why Use Sunscreen? 1 in 5 people […]

5 Ways to Get a Better Night’s Sleep… Starting Tonight!

According to a health survey for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “About 7–19 percent of adults in the United States reported not getting enough rest or sleep every day” (source). Four out of 10 adults report accidentally falling asleep during the day at least once a month. Some 50-70 million Americans have chronic […]

6 Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids In Nashville

We’re a few weeks into summer… how are you holding up, Mom? If “go play outside” isn’t doing the trick anymore, and you’re tired of hearing, “I’m booooored,” this list is for you! Check out some of these fun outdoor activities for kids in Nashville. Help them burn off all that energy while exploring something […]