What Happens In a Metro Nashville Sports Physical Exam?

Can you believe summer vacation is already over? It’s back to school for kids throughout metro Nashville. As you check off back-to-school supplies and clothes, have you remembered those sports physicals?

Completion of Metro’s “Preparticipation Physical Evaluation” form is required for any students wishing to participate in school sports. The examination and form, which Metro Nashville Public Schools makes available here, is a fairly straightforward process. But, if you have any questions or concerns, we’ve put together this post to walk you through the exam step-by-step. Here’s how it works at St. Thomas Medical Group

Step 1: History Form

Prior to seeing your physician, you and your child will fill out the History Form. This is a basic pre-appointment form that asks questions about medicines and allergies, heart health, family history, bones and joints, and any potential medical issues. Questions, for example, range from “Have you ever had a stress fracture?” to “Do you have headaches with exercise?” etc.

The purpose of this form is to give the healthcare provider some basic background information about your student prior to the exam. This is an important time to list any events in one’s health history that could require further review or discussion with a healthcare provider.

If your student has special needs, there is a supplemental history form that will provide you with an opportunity to list these conditions.

Step 2: Physical Examination Form

Next up: the physical examination form. The physical examination will include a review of several health indicators, such as pulse, lung function, vision function, etc. Evaluations of the musculoskeletal system (from the neck down to the toes) will give the provider a chance to potentially detect any abnormalities in function.

In concluding the exam, the health care provider will (1) clear the student for all sports without restriction, (2) clear for sports without restriction but with recommendations for further evaluation or treatment, or (3) not provide immediate clearance.

Step 3: Clearance Form

Upon discharge, the student and parent will be provided with a clearance form that summarizes the exam findings. This form can be used in lieu of the physical exam form and health history form; it may be an appropriate alternative for any circumstances in which HIPAA concerns are an issue.

Step 4: Consent for Athletic Participation & Medical Care

Finally, the parent or legal guardian of the student athlete will fill out a form detailing allergies, medications, insurance information, and emergency contact information. This form acknowledges legal responsibilities and protocols in the event of injury.

Schedule a Student Athlete Sports Physical In Nashville

Don’t delay in scheduling your student’s sports physical. You can schedule an appointment in Nashville with a St. Thomas Medical Group provider by calling +1 (615) 301-7040. You can also make your appointment online (both new and returning patients).