5 Great Places to Grab a Healthy Meal In Nashville

Summer is winding down and our attention is being pulled back in the direction of work and school. Shopping, errands, and busyness begin to take over our routines… leaving little time for meal prep and healthy eating. It’s easy to just order that pizza or pop a frozen meal into the microwave, right?!

When we get busy our bodies need healthy food more than ever. Extra stresses on the schedule can weaken the immune system and increase our risk for illness… just when illness is the last thing we have time for!

Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

If you know you’re going out for a meal, consider one of these Nashville favorites, which serve up delicious healthy food that doesn’t taste like “health food.” These restaurants rely on whole foods, seasonal ingredients, and creative cooking techniques as they pioneer some of Nashville’s healthiest meals…

#1 Vui’s Kitchen

With locations in Germantown and Berry Hill, Vui’s Kitchen serve up delicious Vietnamese food that exclusively features whole food ingredients. Plenty of fresh herbs and no MSG makes Vui’s an easy choice. Try their signature bánh mì sandwich or a bowl of pho!

#2 Sunflower Cafe

Just a four-minute walk from Vui’s in Berry Hill, Sunflower Cafe is a Nashville classic known for its all-vegetarian menu, which includes gourmet veggie burgers and vegan barbecue. Gluten-free diners will find plenty of options at Sunflower Cafe, which focuses on fresh, local and organic ingredients. Dine in or grab a to-go order for the family. (Don’t miss their Thai Ginger Tofu, a daily chef special!)

#3 Epice

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, pop into Epice in 12 South. Classic Lebanese dishes in a contemporary environment make Epice a treat for the body and senses.

#4 AVO

Less than three miles from our St. Thomas Medical Group offices, AVO prides itself in sourcing “the finest plant-based ingredients” around town. The restaurant specializes in both raw and cooked vegan meals that feature seasonal ingredients. The seasonal drink menu is built around local, gluten-free, and reduced gluten beers, and organic, biodynamic, and kosher wine.”

#5 The Wild Cow

From AVO, cut across town and over the river to East Nashville for some diverse vegan and vegetarian fare at The Wild Cow. Don’t miss their famous Buffalo Beans & Greens, featuring a sautéed garlicky kale with pinto beans!

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