Not Your Mother’s Hearing Aids… What’s New In Hearing Aid Tech

According to Miracle-Ear, one in six baby boomers (born 1946-1964) experience hearing loss. Yet only one in four of those baby boomers proactively seek help for their hearing loss.

Why do so few adults with hearing loss see their doctor about resolving this problem?

For one, the issue may be hard to acknowledge. Hearing loss can take place gradually over many years. Your ability to follow a conversation may diminish. You may begin asking others to repeat themselves more frequently. At first you don’t even think about it. Then you notice that these instances are happening increasingly often in loud environments. Perhaps you start to avoid crowded restaurants or other places where it’s difficult to hear.

There are many warning signs of hearing loss, but it may take many months or even years before people can identify those warning signs in their own selves.

Another reason why so many adults aren’t seeking out the help they need for hearing loss?

Well, let’s face it… hearing aids have a stigma for being… bulky… obvious… a sign of “old age.” The truth is, you probably talk to other people wearing hearing aids every day and don’t even realize it. And with the high decibel machines and environments we’re all exposed to on a regular basis, more people are needing hearing aids at a younger age.

The old stigma is no longer true. Today’s hearing aids aren’t your mother’s hearing aids! They’re barely noticeable – sometimes all but invisible – and high tech.

Advanced Technology, Slim Profiles

Audiologists at St. Thomas Medical Group prescribe Nashville patients with six different styles of hearing aids from brands like Phonak, Resound, Widex, Unitron, Siemens, and Starkey. Styles include:

    • Power Behind the Ear
    • Micro Behind the Ear
    • Full Shell in the Ear
    • In the Canal
    • Completely in the Canal
    • Invisible in the Canal

(See images of these styles.)

Many of these styles, such as “completely in the canal” hearing aids, are all but impossible for anyone to even detect. However, the best hearing aid isn’t necessarily the most discreet. The best hearing aid is the one that helps you boost both volume and your self-confidence!

What’s Stopping You from Exploring Your Options?

Wouldn’t you like to…

    • Enjoy following the conversation in a restaurant?
    • Listen to the television at a volume that agrees with others?
    • Hear the voices of children or grandchildren more clearly?
    • Not have to rely on closed captions?

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