How Dry Needling Provides Instant Relief from Knots

We all get painful muscle knots from time to time. And whether you’ve tried professional massage therapy or simply rolled your back with a tennis ball, you know how difficult it can be to ease an irritating knot. Once a knot develops, it can be very difficult to get rid of! Severe knots may even detract from your quality of sleep or cause you to avoid certain types of physical activity, resulting in further secondary problems like fatigue and weight gain.

Fortunately, many people are now finding relief from muscle knots through dry needle therapy. Dry needle therapy essentially “wakes up” muscle knots. Once startled, these knots relax back into their natural state.

How Does Dry Needle Therapy Work?

To understand how the therapy works, it’s helpful to know a little bit about muscle knots (also known as “myofascial trigger points”). Muscle knots are contracted fibers that have seized up as a result of some form of trauma (e.g. sports injury, car accident), posture, or overstimulation (e.g. weightlifting).

There are two types of knots:

  • Active Knots: Producing intense pain.
  • Latent Knots: Only painful when pressed on.

Dry needle therapy resolves muscle knots by inserting a very thin needle directly into the trigger point. The knot responds to the interruption and relaxes immediately. Most patients agree that dry needling doesn’t hurt in the way that you might think! Instead you might notice a little bit of pressure followed by release.

Not only does dry needle therapy reduce pain by resolving muscle knots; undergoing this therapy also means you can return to regular physical activity – no longer hindered by painful knots and trigger points. By dealing with the knots now you’re taking preventative measures against more complex health issues later on down the road.

What Do I Need In Order to See a Physical Therapist?

In Tennessee, patients have the privilege of direct access to physical therapists. Tennessee state law does not require patients to obtain a physician referral for physical therapy. This is a unique privilege in Tennessee that’s not available in all states.

St. Thomas Medical Group is proud to partner with Results Physiotherapy in Nashville for dry needle therapy. Keep in mind, dry needle therapy isn’t just for treating injuries. Dry needle therapy is a part of many patients’ preventative health care strategies. The technique may help prevent the need for more invasive treatments, like surgery, later on.

Find a Physical Therapist or Primary Care Provider in Nashville

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